Workato Automation Platform


Workato’s integration with Crossbeam utilizes all available APIs to provide the most flexibility possible in how and where you sync your data, giving an automatic “Yes” to the question, “does Crossbeam connect with [app]?”

Increase partner-influenced and sourced pipeline today with Workato + Crossbeam.

Key Benefits

Maximize the impact of your partner program, automatically. Realize value from each partnership faster and more consistently - no more ups and downs - through automatic integration and activation of your partner data. Workato integrates Crossbeam with any application, including CRM, PRM, ABM, Marketing Automation, Sales Engagement, ETL, Data Warehousing, BI, Project Management tools. Leveraging Workato’s 1,000+ pre-built connectors and 500k+ integration templates, Crossbeam owners can empower their marketing teams with tailored marketing campaigns, analyst teams with auto-generated BI dashboards enhanced by partner ecosystem data, sales teams with alerts and automatic account coordination, and so much more.

Integration Flow

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