RingLead has partnered with Crossbeam to provide our joint customers the ability to use the data that Crossbeam provides (populations, partner information, overlap information, etc.) through the rest of your integrated technology stack. 

By giving our joint customers the ability to place Crossbeam data into other platforms (CRM, Marketing Automation, Sales Engagement, etc.) they can now use partner enriched data to optimize routing scenarios and scoring processes, define GTM strategies, and also define and enforce territory alignment.

Key Benefits

RingLead is a Data Orchestration Platform that drives revenue efficiency by helping companies maximize the value of their most important asset - their data. Whether it's data that exists in your CRM today, new data being created, or data that has yet to be found or delivered to your team, RingLead grows revenue by operationalizing all of that data in an automated fashion for you. 

Integration Flow

How It Works

With a connection between RingLead and Crossbeam, you'll be able to ingest data provided by Crossbeam, through the RingLead platform, and ultimately deliver that data to a place of your choosing - CRM, Marketing Automation, Sales Engagement Platforms, and more! 

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