Crossbeam + Partnered = 💰📈.

Send Crossbeam data into Partnered to give your sales team everything they need to maximize co-selling performance. Available for paid Crossbeam users who have a free Partnered account.

Selling with your partners is the best way to sell - leverage account-based networking (ABN) to maximize partner sourced and infuenced revenue. Partnered is the first tool natively-built to unlock Crossbeam overlap data for your sales team - letting sellers close more deals with:

  • 40% shorter sales cycles
  • 181% bigger deal sizes 
  • 16% higher close rates

All you need is a free Partnered account to get started:

Key Benefits

The Sales Interface to the Ecosystem: the first ecosystem tool purpose-built for salespeople. Actionable insights, workflows, + more.

The Management Layer Sales Directors Need: if you want to increase your partner attach rate, you need the right management tools. 

The Measurement Analytics to Track Like Never Before: make sure partner sourced and influenced opportunities never fall through the cracks again.

How It Works

After you sign-up for a free or paid plan at, you'll have the ability to login into your Crossbeam account and pull in existing Crossbeam populations. From there, you can use Partnered workflows to manage your co-selling and sourced/influenced tracking.


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