Google Sheets as a Data Source


Introducing: Google Sheets as a Data Source. Now you can easily map, manage, and dynamically update all of your account data from Google Sheets, right from within Crossbeam.

Key Benefits

Map Accounts with Confidence. Don't think twice about account mapping with stale CSV data. Combine the power of your Google Sheets with Crossbeam to dynamically update, manage, and maintain accounts at scale.

Find More Paths to Partners. Choose from CSVs, CRMs and now Google Sheets when account mapping with partners at all stages of growth.

Reach Revenue Targets, Faster. Account mapping is more effective when your data is fresh. Unlike CSVs, Google Sheets update in real-time so you can keep pace with the speed of growth.

Onboard with ease. For partners struggling with procurement blockers, Google Sheets offers an easy way to see partner insights while establishing CRM connections.

How It Works

Google Sheets serve as a goldilocks data source for companies that aren't quite ready to connect their CRM, but are tired of maintaining stale CSVs in Crossbeam. Getting started is super easy and only requires a few steps.


Your system administrator will need to authenticate this integration. Please see complete installation instructions here to get started.

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