Crossbeam Data to Snowflake



The Crossbeam integration into Snowflake allows Crossbeam to push partner overlap data back into Snowflake. Create custom dashboards, run analytics, and augment your CRM data with partner overlap data from Crossbeam.

Key Benefits

Get your Crossbeam partner overlap and partner AE/rep info back into Snowflake.

Integration Flow

How It Works

When snowflake push is enabled, all population overlaps (across all partners) will be pushed to your Snowflake account via a secure Data Share in Snowflake.

Go to your integrations page and you'll see a tile for Snowflake and a toggle along the bottom to "Enable pushing data back into Snowflake".

During the setup process you will need two things:

1. Your Snowflake account region. Currently we only support two regions:

  • US West (Oregon): this region is the only one not included in snowflake URLs
  • US East (Ohio)

Please let us know if your account is in a different region and we can work to add support for you.

2. Your Snowflake account name. Account name can be found in the url of your Snowflake instance: https://<account_name>.<region>

Data Spec You will receive an incoming data share in Snowflake called CROSSBEAM_OVERLAPS__ When the data share is mounted you will see a CROSSBEAM schema with an OVERLAPS view. You can see the full Data Spec table at this link:

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