With the Crossbeam and ActiveCampaign integration, partner marketing professionals can now directly access partner data in ActiveCampaign to automate co-marketing campaigns across the B2B, eCommerce, and B2C lifecycles.

Key Benefits

Email Marketing. Create co-marketing campaigns using Crossbeam overlap data to build "better together" partner programs.

Automation. Trigger follow-up tasks for sales reps in ActiveCampaign based on overlap updates in Crossbeam.

Personalized Tagging. Organize overlapping partner contacts using Tags in ActiveCampaign to personalize and target key accounts.

How It Works

Send Crossbeam partner insights into ActiveCampaign to automate co-marketing campaigns. Now partner marketing teams can shine a light on mutual accounts and target across go-to-market activities like joint:

  • Integration announcements
  • Webinars, Events
  • eBooks and more

Power partner marketing like never before with Crossbeam partner data in ActiveCampaign.


Mutual customers on a paid Crossbeam plan can easily build and route overlaps into ActiveCampaign. System administrators can authenticate the integration in a few steps:

First, find the API credentials in your ActiveCampaign account: 
Settings >> Developer >> API Access: API URL and API Key will be listed there

Once you have the API URL and API Key from ActiveCampaign, navigate back to Crossbeam and drop it in the Crossbeam ActiveCampaign integration to authenticate.

After a few minutes, you will start to see your overlaps appearing as contact Tags in ActiveCampaign with the following information:

  • Crossbeam overlap: [partner name] I [population]

You can use these contact Tags to power email campaigns, task creation, automation and more. 

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